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Auction Description Need PHP coder for OpenCart PHP work... private  (private) tooltip
This should be a pretty easy job for someone who knows PHP well and familiar with OpenCart.

I am looking for a developer that knows PHP well and can help integrate some API script found here: into the OpenCart checkout process. We use MijoShop to integrate Joomla and OpenCart, but the core files an folders of OpenCart are in tact.

We use the latest version of Joomla and the latest version of OpenCart. We have a LAMP VPS server using PHP 5.3.19.

1. Ok, we would like a customer to be able to select one of our products, including the options they want, and put it in their cart:

2. The customer will be able to go through the registration and checkout process with the addition of a validation and selection field in the "Account and Billing details.

3. After they are done paying, they are presented with a message that tells them to go to their subdomain and login using the credentials they have created to download the latest software. This could also be accomplished with a download link containing a READ-FIRST test document explaining the above.

4. I would like this to be a vQmod that I can easily "install/uninstall" this mod, either on the same site in the event we need want to re-build it, or on a new site.

Of course selections and information given in steps 1 and 2 would have to somehow interact with our API, as they are "building" their package.

This project should be relatively easy for someone who knows PHP fairly well. There is a contribution made here that we own a copy of that may or may not be helpful:
I have attached this contribution, along with a sample gmv.php script (inside the zip folder) that currently validates at

Thank you for your help! Chris Duvall
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gmedia 12/03/2012
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400.00 USD