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Auction Description Light coding needed for some tweaks on my joomla site
Hi There, I am looking to hire a coder to do the following for me: 1- Stop the sliding affect on "some" slide info in the website (for example: Which means, when the user hover over any slide info in this page, the sliding effect should NOT happen. 2. In the same page I need the clicking event to work. I mean, when the user hover over a slide info, the cursor changes to Hand which means that this thing is clickable. Corporate Response by default doesn't support this feature, the user only can navigate by clicking on the hyperlink. 3. In this page ( I want lightbox to pop up when the user clicks 'Read More About This Feature' and the lightbox could be just an image or a form with text boxes (depends on the estimation money for the latter). Thanks! Khalil
Auction Details
khtalal 01/22/2013
 View other Auctions 01/23/2013 23:59
60.00 USD