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Auction Description SEO and Headings on Aurora Dawn Template
SEO and Headings on Aurora Dawn Template uses shape5s template "Aurora Dawn" which is a beautiful and very functional template. On SEO there is still something I would like to improve. Currently SEO Optimized themes uses: The headings for the main page: H1: Blog s name H2: Recent Posts Heading structure for the single posts: Single pages H1: post / page title H2′s and H3′s: subheadings and sub-subheadings Let me give an Example: Yoasts blog. ( Front Page H1 heading is: "Yoast"and H2 heading are the post excerpts. If you go to an article page, for example: you will see that the H1 heading is the tiitle os the article! Thats what I would like to do on Comunidade do Poker
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lucasr 04/05/2013
 View other Auctions 04/30/2013 00:00
150.00 USD