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Auction Description Build news sites based on Shape5 Template
We currently have multiple sites running Jooma 1.5, 1.6, and 2.5. Each has a different look and feel. Our current sites are: We want a common look and feel across multiple websites, and we want them all to run 3.1. We are a publishing/media/news organization for technical IT people. So far we like the look of the Maxed Mag template, but are frankly overwhelmed with the number of modules, and how to get it from what we see when we install just the template, and what you see when you demo it. In addition to helping us build a common look/feel across multiple sites, we also have a site that is actually three sites in one. If you check out, and, you'll see what I mean. It's three different pieces of code (Joomla, phpBB2, and Mediawiki) that are made to look like they are all the same piece of software. Our new site will be running Joomla 3.1, FUDForum, and MediaWiki, and we want to do the same thing. Once we finalize the look of the Joomla side of things, we would want to update/modernize the looks of the other two using their skins/templates, so they match the look of the Joomla side of things.
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cpreston 04/25/2013
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Oceanside, UNITED STATES 2000.00 USD
1700.00 USD