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Two Template Themes

Duoplate comes with two different template themes, a Church and a Band theme:

            Church Demo

            Band Demo


This is the slider7 position with the module suffix of "-opacity" added.
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S5 Slider Box

The S5 Box Slide is simply another way to hide away certain modules that possibly take up valuable real estate or you simply just don't need visible at all times. It's quite similar to the S5 Box only it slides out from the left expanding down and to the right.

This is the "newsflash" module position. You can publish modules to the "cpanel" position and they display just as the member login form has. NOTE: The S5 Box Slide will only appear when content is published to either the "newsflash and "cpanel" position.

Best of all both S5 Slider Box's are powered by S5 Effects so this means no script conflictions!
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S5 Drop Down

The S5 Drop Down is great for "storing away" certain modules from your viewers. Below is a listing of the features to the drop down:

  1. Set open and close text
  2. No script conflictions! Powered by S5 Effects
  3. Height Auto adjusts to your content
  4. 3 module positions available, all fully collapsible
  5. Define open/close speed
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