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The S5 Box is powered with S5 Effects so you will experience no script conflictions with popuplar Javascript libraries such as Mootools or Jquery. Just publish your module to the 'cpanel' position and the S5 Box will appear. Our script will take care of the rest and dynamically pull the title of each module to be the link to open the S5 Box. For example the title of the module you are currently reading is "Login" and is published to all pages.

  • Powered by S5 Effects (no script conflictions)
  • Only shows when module is published to the cpanel position.
  • Module title text is used for the button text.
  • Specify width via the template parameters.
  • Height automatically adjusts to content

For a demo click the "Login to Site Here" tab in the upper right hand corner.

Screenshot of the S5 Box:

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