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New Architect was designed to have a distinct non-Joomla look. The template consists of an inset position that is great for displaying an image rotator or similar method to show off your website products or services. The template includes the S5 Box drop in style and 2 other tabs for quick access for registration and login.
  • S5 Tab Show Module

    - Specify width of the module.
    - Define up to 10 slides.
    - Choose Mootools or S5 Effects.

    The S5 Tab Show has now been converted to a module that can be used in any module position and in any template! It includes up to module positions and 3 display effects just like the S5 Frontpage Slide module.
  • With the release of New Architect we also have updated our classic S5 Image Fader module to include a new transition effect and slide selectors. The S5 Image Fader now includes 2 options fade into images and fade in/out of images. This module is script confliction free as S5 Effects still powers the effects.

    NOTE: The image reflection is only available when then fade in/out option is selected.
  • The Drop Down S5 Box ss first seen in the CommPortal template is back again in New Architect. Click below to see an example of the S5 Box. Once you navigate to this URL you will notice the S5 Box tab appear in the top right corner:

    S5 Box Demo

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"In my opinion one of the best template designers. What sets Shape5 apart is the flexibility and simplicity they offer the designer to customise the template."

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