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NEW S5 Flow module included with the release of Phosphorus!
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Phosphorus Template
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Monday, 08 February 2010 19:43
The Phosphorus template is a very versatile template that gives a wide variety of options. We have added some options to change the color scheme of Phosphorus to any you desire! Check out the 7 presets available to get an understanding of what you can do. A modded frontpage article layout is included and for the first time we are including 3rd party styling options for VirtueMart, JComments, Tienda and K2.

Built into the structure of the template is a new fixed tab option. We are also happy to release the new S5 Flow module that is great for a product displays in addition to the update news ticker v2.0 module that now includes Mootools. We've made some slight additions/adjustments to the typography in Phosphorus, the download and buy now buttons demo'd on the homepage are actually typography options that you can enter in any text you desire.
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Fixed Tabs

The Phosphorus template includes a new "Fixed Tab" option. The template comes with 2 fixed tabs that you can enable and publish on your site. The great feature about the fixed tabs is that you can enter any text you desire and the text is auto flipped vertically! This is great for search engines to read your text and also saves the hassle of creating an image with vertical text and placing it on the side of your site. The tabs are published site wide and can have the following options that can be changed via the template parameters area:
  • Change background to any hex color
  • Change the border to any hex color
  • Change the font to any hex color
  • Set vertical position of each tab
  • Set each tab to either the left or right of the screen
  • Add a class to each fixed tab to enable s5 box or perhaps a lightbox or other 3rd party extension
  • Add a URL to each fixed tab so onclick the URL loads
  • Enter any text you desire (with no spaces)