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NEW S5 Flow module included with the release of Phosphorus!
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NEW S5 Flow Module
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 15 January 2010 20:24
The NEW S5 Flow module displays images small to large with the largest in the middle. When clicking the smaller background images it will bring them to be active in a smooth flowing style. On active you can hover over the image to display additional text and links. The module can display up to 15 images with descriptions, links and text. You can choose from several options listed below, changing scale ratio, reflection color/height, etc. The module will also automatically scale the images taking all images into account and then averaging their heights and widths, for example if you have a huge image with smaller ones, it will auto adjust so they are in proportion to each other.

  • Set scale ratio for main active image (make it larger smaller)
  • All images auto scale so they are consistent in size
  • Set reflection color
  • Enable/disable image overlay
  • Enable/disable image captions
  • Set text for the button no hover
  • Set which image you would like the rotation flow to start on
  • Set the number of visible items to be displayed
  • XHTML Valid
  • Up to 15 images can be used, including descriptions, title and view more links for each one
  • Set opacity for non active images in the background (recommend to set between .0 - .9 for IE to display properly)

Screenshot of admin:

Image flow on hover:
imageflow hover

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Last Updated on Saturday, 13 November 2010 20:01
S5 Multibox supports a range of multimedia formats: images, flash, video, mp3s, html!

PhpBB3 Club Styles Launched at Shape 5

Shape 5 is proud to announce the release of the Shape 5 PhpBB3 Styles Club! PhpBB3 is a free forum php based solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can empower your entire website. No other bulletin board software offers a greater complement of features, while maintaining efficiency and ease of use. Shape 5 now brings it's great asthetics that you have grown to love for Joomla products and has converted them to the phpBB3 platform.

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Fixed Tabs

The Phosphorus template includes a new "Fixed Tab" option. The template comes with 2 fixed tabs that you can enable and publish on your site. The great feature about the fixed tabs is that you can enter any text you desire and the text is auto flipped vertically! This is great for search engines to read your text and also saves the hassle of creating an image with vertical text and placing it on the side of your site. The tabs are published site wide and can have the following options that can be changed via the template parameters area:
  • Change background to any hex color
  • Change the border to any hex color
  • Change the font to any hex color
  • Set vertical position of each tab
  • Set each tab to either the left or right of the screen
  • Add a class to each fixed tab to enable s5 box or perhaps a lightbox or other 3rd party extension
  • Add a URL to each fixed tab so onclick the URL loads
  • Enter any text you desire (with no spaces)