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The S5 Slideshow Advance not only works as an image slideshow but also has the option to include an additional description and extra images along with each slide picture. The additional images use a lightbox feature and will show up in a lightbox when clicked on.

NOTE: You do not have to use the description and additional images you can leave these blank and only use the slideshow part of this module, just make sure to adjust the width. For example, if you only want to use the slideshow part of the module set the "width" and "left side width" to be exactly the same. View image below for examples.

S5 Slideshow Advance is 100% powered by S5 Effects so this means you will not experience any script conflictions with major Javascript libraries such as Mootools or JQuery.


  • 100% powered by S5 Effects (no script conflictions)
  • Specify height, width, left image width
  • Set display time and rotation time
  • Up to 10 slides/images
  • Up to 4 additional images on each slide with built in lightbox functionality
  • Scrollbars auto appear when descriptions overflow
  • No resizing of images, they auto size to fit the Slideshow and Additional images option

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Slideshow Advance - Slideshow and Description

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