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Have you ever wanted every page on your site to be unique? Well now it's possible! Simply by using the built-in Joomla menu image you can assign that image as the background of the page! Use a default image that is set to all pages and then apply a unique background image to any page you wish. This perfect for the Sea of Glass template since its completely transparent!

Please note this feature can only be used with the S5 No-MooMenu and S5 Suckerfish menu.


Compare the current page you are on to the homepage, you will notice the backgrounds are different in height. Since we only have the slideshow module published on the homepage we created another background image that has a shorter area of wood in it and applied this image to every other menu item.

Default Background Image:

The default background image (located in the template configuration area) is the image that will be used if no menu image is assigned to a page. If you would like to have a unique background on a page simply apply a menu image to that page.


Creating a background image:

Try to keep your image size between 50k and 120k; using an 8 bit png or low quality jpg will help.

How do I set the background color? You can set the background color to any web-color you would like through the template configuration!

How do I get my images on the menu?

Step 1.

Upload your images to the "images/stories" image folder via ftp.

Step 2.

Then assign them to your menu items under the Joomla menu item adminstration. Just click on the menu item and you will see this below. In Joomla 1.5 this option is under "Parameters - System"


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