SphereDocs is the Shape 5 bonus template for May. We have included several Mootools framework items. This template was designed with a very simple layout and look so your site related content is the main focus and not a template you publish on it. We hope you enjoy this bonus release, feel free to leave comments or look for help on the forums. -Shape 5 Team

Content Slider

The "Content Slider" is powered by S5 Effects. The slider will hide itself when nothing is published to user positions 1,2 and 3.

Tools Slider

The "Tools Slider" is powered by S5 Effects. The entire tools slider can be hidden via the index.php file. You can also hide just the search bar or the width adjusters.
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Color Variations

SphereDocs has a whopping 15 different color variations available for use. You can easily change them via the administration side of your Joomla installation. Navigate to your Joomla templates from the top menu: Site > Template Manager > Site Templates. Select SphereDocs and then click "Edit HTML".


If you don't want the "Tools" sliding menu to be on your site you can easily disabled it in the template's index file.  You can disable the width adjusters or search bar via the index file.  We have included a PNG fix for SphereDocs but by default it is disabled.  If you want to enable the PNG fix you can enable it in the index file.  For more detail please see "Tutorials" or you can find support on our forum.
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