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S5 Image and Content Fader v2

The image and content fader has been updated to run off mootools and now includes a drop down gallery tab and navigation arrows.

S5 Image and Content Fader v2 S5 Image and Content Fader v2

New Multibox Plays Videos

New Multibox allows for images, flash, video, mp3s, html!

New Multibox Plays Videos New Multibox Plays Videos

Choose From Several Colors

Choose from 3 different preset color schemes or create your own with the included sliced PSD file.

Choose From Several Colors Choose From Several Colors

Olark Chat Module

As first demo'd in Hosticity the Olark (Habla) chat module is back and updated.

Olark Chat Module Olark Chat Module

S5 Image Scroller

The Image Scroller is great for displaying any of your products or items on the frontpage of your website.

S5 Image Scroller S5 Image Scroller

SEO Optimized

Not only is this template great looking and loaded with features but it is great for search engine optimization as well!

SEO Optimized SEO Optimized
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 08:03

The S5 Image and Content Fader v2 is a big update to v1 this module now allows for multiple slide transition effects, navigation arrows and also a drop down gallery tab that allows you to select a slide via a thumbnail. The module still allows you publish your own content into each slide transition. The S5 Image and Content Fader v2 is powered by Mootools by default but still includes the S5 Effects library and allows you to use it in a "legacy module" if you are experiencing script conflicts. Best of all it's free!

NOTE: Legacy mode will display all your images, titles and slide text but includes limited functionality thus it does not include navigation arrows or the new drop down gallery tab.  

Features at a glance:

  • NEW horizontal sliding transition
  • Choose between 4 slide transitions: Fade, Contiuous Horiztonal, Fade Slide Left, Continuous Vertical
  • Specify height and width of module
  • Includes a gallery tab drop down to show all images
  • Each image slide can have its own hyperlink
  • Show up to 10 images at once
  • Publish your own content to each picture slide
  • Navigation arrows
  • Not all slides require titles

Admin side of the module:

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