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S5 Register

The S5 Register module is quite similar to our Community Builder registration module. It simply is a module that allows for user registration on any page via a module, its an exact copy of the default Joomla page. Version 3 also integrates with the User Profile plugin and includes captcha.


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As of December 2009 Shape 5 will be discontinuing its support of the IE6 browser for new products. This browser will be 8 years old this fall and is still in use because web developers continue to bend over backwards trying to "Hack" their sites in order for this browser to display their designs. Per the percentage of IE6 users in June of 2009 was at 14.9%. We believe this will continue to drop as it started at a usage rate of 18.5% this past January. Looking at current statistics of IE6 usage we at Shape 5 feel it is time to say goodbye to this 8 year long relationship and move on. This is a growing trend among web developers; larger sites have already dropped support for IE6.

There are many reasons to move away from IE6, to name a few:

- The browser is 8 years old and within this time period has been succeeded by two new versions
- From the beginning it has been subject to many security vulnerabilities, such as spyware, adware, etc and it still contains vulnerbilities
- Support for modern websites is lacking and holding back developers
- Constant "hacking" must be implemented to get a website to display equally in IE6 as it does in IE 7/8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc
- There are several free supieror browsers to choose from, firefox, safari, chrome, opera, etc

All this being said, past month we put together a little plugin to help move your users and the rest of the web away from IE6. If a user is running IE6 they will simply receive the below popup window that prompts them to upgrade their browser. You can choose to either show a close button or to force the user to upgrade and not view your site.

NOTE: This plugin will not make your site run slower or load any JS/CSS when IE6 is not running.

The following message is displayed for your users to see:

"Due to security risks and a lack of support for web standards this website does not support IE6. Internet Explorer 6 was released in 2001 and it does not display modern web sites properly. Please upgrade to a newer browser to fully enjoy this site and the rest of the web."

Head on over to the free extensions area to download this plugin.


S5 Weather

The S5 Weather Module pulls XML data from and displays the weather for the current day and the upcoming 2 days along with images depicting the type weather. You can enter a zip code in the administration side and also switch between celsius and fahrenheit.


S5 Domain Checker

The S5 Domain Chcecker module is a free module that you can add to any Joomla site. This module provides your customers a quick and easy way to see if a domain is available to be purchased or if someone else already owns the domain.


S5 Habla Chat

The S5 Habla Chat now works with This great little module gives you the ability to add a simple chat functionality to any Joomla site, letting you talk directly to your customers. Best of all it's FREE so download it today and enjoy!


S5 News Ticker

The S5 News Ticker does not function as a standard news ticker but rather is quite similar to our Image Fader module except instead of images being shown, only one line of text is displayed at a time. The News Ticker Powered by S5 Effects so you will experience no script conflictions. Set rotation speed, set display time, XHTML valid and more!


S5 CB Register

The new CB Register module is pretty much a copy of the registration page that community builder uses. Having this page converted into a module allows you to put the registration page in a popup or similar lytebox window as we have done (click the register button in the upper right corner when demoing this extension). The CB registration page would sometimes cause a suckerfish menu in IE6 to flicker, in this module we have fixed this problem Note - support for this module has been discontinued, but you may still download and use it.

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Are you new to Shape5 and the Vertex framework? Then download our totally free Vertex Joomla template or Wordpress theme to experience the power of the Vertex framework for yourself! This is the same framework that our club products are built off of.
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Integrated Bootstrap Styling
  • Easy To Upgrade Framework
  • Custom Module And Column Widths
  • SEO Optimized Layout
  • Right To Left Support
  • And Many Other Great Features!
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