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The S5 Vertex Framework is a set of functionality that creates the core logic and structure of a theme. The purpose of the S5 Vertex framework is to unify the layouts, designs, and functions that Shape5 has built over the years to create one of the most flexible, robust and powerful theme blue prints available! The S5 Vetex framework is used in all themes released after June 2012. Start building your new sites on Vertex Today!

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Current Wordpress Vertex Version 3.0
CSS and HTML Layouts Powered by CSS3 and PIE for limited IE8 and IE7 CSS3 support.
Cross Browser Compliant. Vertex is design to run on today's popular web browsers.
Mobile Device Ready! Popular devcies such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more.
Lightweight and fast loading. Vertex is streamlined and loads very quickly on sites.

Vertex Admin Screenshots

Specific Features of Vertex in Detail

Text Options
Flex Menu

Upgradable Framework

Always have the latest features
Vertex is built on an upgradeable framework. This means as we release new versions of Vertex older themes will be able to take advantage of all the newly added features and changes. This is all done with a simple patch file that will upgrade your framework with very little effort.


Most Flexible Framework Available
Because there are so many module positions available in so many different areas, the number of layouts you can create are limitless! An average of 90 positions are included in each design!

You can adjust the width of any module contained in any module row or set it to automatic width. This allows for 60/40, 30/30/40, etc row widths. Vertex also includes a switch between fluid and fixed layouts so if you prefer fluid you can easily switch to this layout. Lastly, we've designed the articles to load before the left and right columns for SEO optimization. They are repositioned with CSS so visually you see no difference in layout.

  • Fixed pixels or Fluid percent of screen width
  • Average of 90 module positions
  • Custom module widths, 60/40, 30/30/40, etc
  • SEO optimized layout


Your Website Viewable on Any Device!
Templates built with Vertex 2 give you an option to enable or disable a responsive layout feature. Responsive can be enabled while using both the fluid and fixed layout mentioned above giving you the ultimate flexibility in creating your site!

You can also hide areas on Vertex such as rows of modules or any HTML element! For example on a tablet or mobile phone you may not want all the modules and rows visible as once they start stacking on each other the vertical scrolling may become quite large or some modules may not be designed for responsive style websites.

Along with these functions users will also be presented an option to switch to the main non responsive version of the site when viewing the mobile version.


Easily enable or disable in Vertex admin
Multibox is a popup effect that supports a range of multimedia formats: images, flash, video, mp3s, and html.

It's a great way to organize into galleries and thumbnails.
The lazy load script is a great way to save bandwidth and load your pages much faster. Images that are not visible on the initial page load are not loaded or downloaded until they come into the main viewing area.
Info Slide
It will place a sliding text box over any image on the page. It can be placed inside of content or modules. It will also automatically adjust to any size screen size on window resize.
A ToolTip is a short description, usually just a few words, or an image that appears when hovering over another object on the page. Tooltips can be enabled or disabled in the Vertex admin.

Text Options

Complete Google Font Directory, Resizer, RTL
Google Fonts

Pick from over 600 Google fonts to apply as the main font on your website. Vertex allows you to preview the fonts through its interface as well.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized for size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.
Font Resizer

Font resizer has 3 options: decrease, return to default size and increase to larger font sizes. This can be enabled or disabled very easily.
RTL Support

Vertex comes with right to left language support. This is done automatically, by reading the site's language direction setting in the language ini file.

Flex Menu

A Flexible and Powerful Menu System
The S5 Flex Menu system is a very powerful plugin that provides functionality far beyond what the standard Wordpress menu system can provide.

Easily add in sub text for each menu item, make columns, add modules anywhere menu by simply setting a menu item to show one of the 40 menu module positions included.

The Flex menu system is powered by JQuery and you can select, snap in, fade in or slide and fade in via the Vertex admin area.

  • Unlimited Menu Items
  • Includes 40 positions, publish modules to menu items!
  • Change opacity, open delay, hide delay and effect
  • Add subtext to each menu item

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Drop Down

Drop down tab with 6 positions
The S5 Drop Down Panel is a slide down panel that will appear at the top of your site. The panel itself contains six module positions. You may publish any module that you wish into these positions. Once modules are published to it, then it will show.

Hide Article Output

Easily hide article area on any page
Did you ever need to create a page where this is no article present or no component to be shown, and only load modules? Vertex allows you to hide/collapse the Wordpres component/article output area on any page of your site. You simply select pages in the admin you desire to hide it on.

Fixed Tabs

Side tabs for linking and popups
You can enable up to two fixed side tabs on your site at one time! Onclick or classes can be added in admin area to the tabs. Just add text to the fixed tab fields in the admin and they will show on the frontend. You can also adjust the height and page position.

CSS/JS Compression

Increase speed and performance
Enabling compression is a great way to boost your site's performance. It simply combines css and js into consolidated files. This reduces the downloads sizes and reduces the numbers of calls to your server, to dramatically help your site's overall performance. No data is lost during this process, just simply made smaller.

Need Some Help?

  • Be sure to check the tutorials on the demo for more explanations and examples.
  • Many questions can also be answered in our FAQ area.
  • If you still aren't sure or have any more questions don't hesitate to ask on the forum.


  • PHP version 5.2.16 or higher
  • Wordpress

Change Log of Features

Version 1.0
Release Date: 2012/6/12
  • Many questions can also be answered in our FAQ area.
  • If you still aren't sure or have any more questions don't hesitate to ask on the forum.

Please Note - The comment system is not for product support. If you are in need of support please post your questions in our support forum boards and someone will be happy to assist you from there.
Thank you!
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