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 JoomlArt acquires Shape5

To our Shape5 community,

Shape5 started over eleven years ago when Joomla was in its infancy. The company was founded by two young designers who had a passion for building websites and stretching the limits of innovation in this newly founded CMS market. The goal was always to create a sustainable company that provided cutting edge Joomla templates with modern technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. The successes of Joomla and the successes of Shape5 over the coming years were a roller coaster with never a dull moment as there was always a place to improve!

However, over time the Joomla base that our company thrived on began to decrease and so our company decreased with it. Soon we were no longer financially able to support certain staff members and the company has decreased to only the two original founders. Along with that, there have been serious health concerns with one of our founders. This has limited the amount of output and support that can we provide at times, compared to what we typically produced years ago.

These issues must be addressed for the longevity of the company and the continued support for Shape5 members. For this reason, we decided to reach out to JoomlArt about a possible acquisition. We are very pleased to announce that as of today, August 1st, 2018, JoomlArt will be taking over Shape5 and will continue to support our members and provide product updates. JoomlArt will be able to extend other benefits to our members as well.

Why JoomlArt?

JoomlArt gave us tough competition over the past decade and they are still in a very strong position. They acquired multiple Joomla business viz. Gavick, JoomlaBamboo, JomSocial and iJoomla over the last year and they have been taking good care of the acquired products and users.

The Shape5 Website

Ownership of the Shape5 website, copyrights, intellectual property, and domain ownership will be entirely transferred to JoomlArt, who will take over all aspects Shape5 operations while retaining Shape5 as a separate brand entity from JoomlArt. All Vertex templates and applicable extensions will still be supported by JoomlArt's trained and very capable staff.

Custom Services

The Custom Service section of our website will still be maintained by Jonah, one of Shape5's founders. Although the services are hosted on the Shape5 website, those services will operate independently and all requests will go directly to him.

What We Are Currently Working On

Since we have finalized terms with JoomlArt we have been working very closely with their staff to help them understand the membership structure that we provide our members, how our site operates and familiarizing them with our products. More importantly, we have been working on Joomla4 updates so that when Joomla4 is released either later this year or in 2019 our products will be ready for that update. JoomlArt's staff can assist you with that upgrade when the time comes. Our plan is to continue to work with JoomlArt over the next few weeks to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Vertex and Extension Updates

Our primary goal right now is ensuring that our extensions and Vertex framework work on the latest version of Joomla, php 7, and will be Joomla4 ready when it becomes stable. At this moment, our framework is ready for Joomla4 and a patch will be released soon. Almost all of our extensions have been updated to work with Joomla4 and there are only a few left to complete. We care deeply about our community and we are making sure that our products will be supported when Joomla4 stable is released for those who wish to upgrade. At that time, JoomlArt's staff will also be upgrading our site shapers to Joomla4 stable so all installs run on the latest version along with our updated framework and extensions.


These past eleven years have had their ups and downs, but we would not trade it for anything! We would like to thank each and every one of you, both past and present, for the dedication and support you have given us here at Shape5! The same passion for design and innovation that started this company is still here, and it is very surreal to see this all come to a close for us. We are very confident that the staff at JoomlArt shares this same passion and that we are leaving you in good hands. To all the awesome people we've worked with over the years and our great members, we wish you success in all your future endeavors!

New Pricing plans and Changes to Shape5 site

  • 1. The users have been migrated to JoomlArt's unified portal.
  • 2. The downloads are now handled by JoomlArt's unified portal.
  • 3. New pricing plans have been introduced.
  • 4. Uses with any active plan have nothing to worry, as their product access and durations are same as before.
  • 5. Please reset password if your login information is not working.
  • 6. Use the live chat (right bottom) or send email directly to [email protected] for any account related query.
  • Old Login

    In case you want to login to the old system (for old forum support access and old download system), access this OLD LOGIN Page and login with your account.

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