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We are very excited to announce the release of Vertex 2.3 (for Joomla 2.5) and Vertex 3.1 (for Joomla 3.0). These new versions fix several bugs and added quite a bit of functionality to Vertex. Please be sure to read through the major features listed below. To upgrade your Vertex installation please be sure to download the patch from:


And please follow the upgrade patch tutorials from here:


A list of the major features added:

1. There is now the ability to set the right, right_inset, left, and left_inset columns to either a fixed or fluid width. This is extremely useful for responsive designs, however this features to all Vertex templates as well. In addition to that there is now a new section for Vertex responsive templates that allows you to control how the columns will appear at smaller screen widths, depending on whether or not you have set your site to fixed or fluid columns.

2. There is now an onclick function for the S5 Flex Menu for small touch screen devices. On the Menu tab you will now see a parameter to enable or disable this feature. Enabling the feature means that if your site's visitor is using a touch screen device and the screen is less than 1400px (ie: tablets), then the menu will automatically change to use onclick functionality rather than the onmouseover functionality that a desktop or laptop would see. This feature applies only to templates built on Vertex 2 or higher, Vertex 1 templates will not see this feature after the patch is applied.

3. We have improved the multi-language functionality of the S5 Flex Menu. In the past in order to call a different menu for each language setup on your site you had to create a template style for each language and then choose a different menu on each style. Now, there is no need for extra template styles! The menu will automatically change based on the visitor's chosen language. If there is a default menu that matches the visitor's language then the menu will automatically change. If there is not a default menu for their langauge then the default menu chosen under the Menu tab will show. Default menus are set via the Joomla menu manager. The menu will only change if there is a corresponding default menu for the visitor's language. This feature applies to all Vertex templates.

4. The row re-distribution fields for small screens were added in Vertex 2.2, but in 2.3 we have added two more options; the 100/50 split and the 100/33 split. Both of these options will set the first module in a row to 100% and the others to either 50% or 33% at your chosen screen width. This feature applies only to templates built on Vertex 2 or higher, Vertex 1 templates will not see this feature after the patch is applied.

5. We have added several more hide classes for responsive templates. Prior to Vertex 2.3 large screen hide classes were in increments of 100 pixels only, we have now made them all in increments of 50 pixels to give you even more options and flexibility! In addition to that we have added opotional display:inline hide classes; these should only be used seldomly. They are there in case the default display:block classes cause layout problems, as block calls sometimes do. And finally, we have added in a new hide_all class. This class could be used in conjunction with a show class to show content or modules only on smaller screens, but not on larger screens. This feature applies only to templates built on Vertex 2 or higher, Vertex 1 templates will not see this feature after the patch is applied.

6. Finally we have had made a change to the core vertexFramework.php file. Part of this file controls the language calls in the backend of Vertex. For some users the backend language file was not loading if their backend language was not set or not recognized. This new change will default the language file to English and only over-write if a Vertex language ini file exists for the user's backend language. This feature applies to all Vertex templates.
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