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We are very excited to announce the release of Vertex 4 Beta! This version is not meant for production sites, it is meant for customer testing only. We have spent hundreds of hours developing and debugging this new version, and the result is a faster framework, consolidated backend, and easier to use interface. If you would like to take part in this beta test, more information about the Vertex 4 patch is found at the bottom of this article, as well as where to report any feedback or issues you encounter. We appreciate your time and hope you enjoy this new version of Vertex!

Backwards Compatible

We believe products should be backwards compatible, so any template that is currently running Vertex 3, will also work with Vertex 4! Note - This current beta is for Joomla 3.X only. Our WordPress version is still currently in production, but will function much the same way.

New Admin

The backend of Vertex 4 is a complete re-write, and has been built with the user in mind. Vertex was and remains to be the most flexible and powerful framework available today, and offers the most options of any framework. As Vertex has grown over the years, so have the amount of switches and options in the admin area. We felt the admin had started to become overwhelming for the end user, and in order to correct this we needed to come up with a more consolidated approach. Vertex 4 is designed to increase simplicity and ease of use while maintaining the many options and flexibility Vertex has grown into..

Below is a screenshot of the new Layout page, which gives users a graphical representation of their site. The new layout page combines, the backgrounds area, row sizes, fixed tabs, drop downs and scroll to top areas of Vertex into one single, and easy-to-use page. When you edit a row you can not only set the position sizes but also the background options for that row, and as you edit the row width sizes you can also now change the left, right and overall body widths. Having everything in a single GUI cuts down on development time and keep things organized. In addition to that this new page shows real-time updates, simply update a row or change the body width and watch the Layout page adjust to your new settings.

Popup Consolidation

One way to achieve a new consolidated interface was to put certain items in popup windows, so that they are out of the way and only become visible when needed. One example of this new feature is the row background options, which used to be on their own separate page in Vertex 2 and 3. Row options are now located in popups on the Layout page to save space, and easier access for development.

Walkthrough Tutorials

Need help understanding the new Layout admin and where to find specific items? Just click on the Walkthrough Tutorial button in the upper right hand corner to guide you through each section of the new Layout page. This new tutorial feature is currently only on the Layout page, but can easily be added to other pages if needed in the future.

New Menu Layout

The new Vertex 4 admin menu system keeps things concise but the sub menu capability allows for drilling down into more complex or additional features. We've organized the entire framework down to 4 main menu items: Theme Specific, Main, General and JavaScripts. There are 3 additional menus items: Overview, Language and Assignments but the actual Vertex side of things are these first 4 menu items. Under the Main menu item you will find several sub pages that deal with the layout of the site, styling, logo options, and much more.

Enable and Disable Options

The new Vertex 4 admin allows you to turn off specific features and all of the sub features that belong to a particular feature. For example in the screenshots below you will the Multibox option turned off and then on. You will not see the additional sub features of Multibox until Multibox is actually enabled. This new feature saves a lot of space on the page, and keeps the user from scrolling through unnecessary options, which allows the user to find what they need much quicker.

Multibox Disabled:

Multibox Enabled:

New Logo Options

Templates built on Vertex 4.0 and higher will see new logo options in the backend. Our previous logo options allowed users to use an image as their logo or simply publish a module to the logo position. This new feature allows for four options: 1. Standard s5_logo.png which is stylized by the template. 2. Upload your own image from the backend. 3. Publish a module to the logo module position. 4. Use your own custom html/text.


The backend in Vertex 4 is totally responsive, so you can update your site from your favorite device. The Layout page is the only section that won't make the responsive layout as its just not practical to try and edit such a large area on smaller screens.

Faster and Organized CSS and Javascript

As Vertex has grown over the years, so have the amount of css and js files we use in the framework. Vertex is unique in that you can simply turn off features that you do not wish to use, rather than forcing unnecessary css to be on at all times like many other frameworks. For example, if you do not wish to use our Info Slide script, simply turn it off and that css and javascript will not load on your site; decreasing the overall download size of the site and increasing speed. In Vertex 4 we've re-organized and consolidated many of these files. In that process we have also minified all of the core Vertex files, to save on download size. Any template built on 4.0+ will also now have less http requests, because we have combined several template files and also minified that same css. The css structure of a 4.0+ template will now look like this:

Other New Features

  • Upload your own favicon.ico file from the admin
  • Inset your own script directly into the head section of the site from the amdin
  • Floating mobile bar option
  • Override the menu font size from the admin
  • Google Fonts have been updated to the latest list for even more font options

Download and Try The Beta

Because this beta version is not meant for production, we have not yet published it to our Downloads area to avoid any confusion with users who are patching their templates. We would appreciate your feedback on this new version, and we hope to have a stable version out very soon.

Download Vertex 4 Here

1. Backup your current template folder. We don't expect any issues, but it's always good to have a backup.
2. Delete the following folder, and all the contents inside of it, on your server: templates/{your template name}/vertex/admin 3. Download a copy of the Vertex 4 patch from above.
4. Extract the Vertex 4 patch locally.
5. Upload the patch files via ftp to your template's folder. Override all the existing files.
6. Once done the new admin should load in the backend of Joomla in the Template Manager. Just open it and save it once. Saving the configuration will run a clean-up command to re-organize the css and js files.

Again, we appreciate any feedback you have to offer.
Please Post Your Feedback Here
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