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We have launched this months Wordpress theme which brings us Political.  Running for office, need a new face lift to your government or political site? Then Political is perfect for you!  Be sure to check out the Political template demo to see all the features that have been included.   Also remember to check out the forum polls so you can voice your opinion on what theme you'd like converted next. 

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This month's PhpBB3 style, Aurora Dawn, has been launched! Aurora Dawn's great design can be used for just about any type of website such as business, personal, or blog. With Aurora Dawn's great flexibility you can easily set your own custom highlight colors, which controls most link and title colors, and custom background images. In addition to these settings you can also set your own page and column widths, use fluid width and RTL languages. These features let you make your site truly your own look and style.

 For more information on the Aurora Dawn PhpBB3 style click here .

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You can reference this blog post to check the status on the conversion process of all Shape 5 Joomla products.

Please note - 1.5 to 1.6 conversions can take a considerable amount of time, each template is different, but we expect to have all of our templates converted in the next few weeks/months. Site shapers will not be available until all of our templates have been converted and some issues with the JUpgrade component are addressed or another suitable upgrade component becomes available.


Our conversion page has moved. Click here to proceed to the new page.
The release of Joomla 1.6

Today marks the official release of Joomla 1.6 stable. The release brings us ACL out of the box, no longer installing 3rd party extensions to achieve this! It also gives us more powerful SEO options throughout to give you control on how your site appears in the search engines and many other features. For more info, demo and download check out: http://www.joomla.org/announcements/general-news/5348-joomlar-16-has-arrived.html

Although this is the newest release for the Joomla world and it's marked as stable we at Shape 5 do not recommend rushing to upgrade and convert over to it right away. Why do we say this, we do believe (as seen in many industries) it's best to wait a few weeks or so and see how this version plays out. Bugs can still arise and things may need to be ironed out before you take the jump to 1.6. The bug squad with Joomla has done a tremendous job ironing out as many bugs as they could find to this point, we are simply offering a word of caution that could be applied to any first release of software. In addition to this there are over 6,000 extensions currently available for Joomla 1.5 and very few have been converted and tested with Joomla 1.6. If you need Joomla for a bare bones system with no third party extensions then 1.6 may be right for you but if you need flexibility and access to thousands of extensions it's best to still use 1.5 for a little while.

So where is Shape 5 at in the whole scheme of things and 1.6?

Although we haven't said much we've been working hard and have the majority of our extensions converted to 1.6 as you may have already noticed in the downloads area, with only 3 pending conversion, with the exception of Virtuemart extensions. Over the next few weeks we will be hard at work converting and releasing our templates to the 1.6 platform and finalizing the rest of our extension conversion. Our monthly template release this coming Saturday the 15th will include a 1.6 ready version of the template. Virtuemart extensions will be converted after Virtuemart 1.5 becomes stable.

Ok that covers 1.6 but what about a framework for Shape 5?

As you may have noticed the template parameters area of our recent templates has become quite extensive! The eShopper template is the first release that includes a naming scheme, robust module layout, mobile version, custom widths, and so much more. These features will be carried in to future templates. This framework first released in eShopper gives unlimited possibilities and flexibility for site layouts. We just wanted to give you a heads up. No ETA is set but we are planning on an official release of a the Shape 5 "Vertex Framework" in the near future that will be packed with features! In the mean time our in-progress templates will include many of the features that will be included in the finalized framework.

Shape 5 is proud to announce the release of the Shape 5 Wordpress Themes Club! WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It is one of the most popular open source blogging tools available on the web and used by millions of websites. Shape 5 now brings it's great asthetics that you have grown to love for Joomla products and has converted them to the Wordpress platform to allow your Wordpress sites to stand out above the rest! Over 25 million people have chosen Wordpress as their platform and we are happy to join that family and provide quality themes for all of Wordpress!

Introductory Sale

For the entire month of January we are offering an introductory sale to this new club! Receive 40% off of any Shape 5 Wordpress Themes Club Membership! We do hope you enjoy this new club and all that it has to offer!

40% OFF any Wordpress Club Membership, use code: 279D5

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The month of December brings us Christmas, a new year at the end and at Shape 5 a new PhpBB3 style and reworked update framework called the Vertex Framework.  The University PhpBB3 Style is designed for any type of college or university but can be used for any website. We have included the S5 MultiBox to display videos on the homepage.

What happened to S5 Controls?  We've decided to change things over to the Vertex Framework for several reasons.  It will be a name that most likely will be used in our templates released on other CMSs in the future where some features and functionality will be the same across the board.  For PhpBB it was a huge upgrade from S5 Controls and lastly we just think it sounds better :)

Vertex in PhpBB gives you the option of actually publishing modules or block code items to specific pages.  It allows you to create unlimited menu items via the backend of PhpBB to either PhpBB pages or external URLs.   You can also hide/show modules and block code to specific user groups!  Each module can be published to any position you desire that is included in the style itself.  

We are pretty excited about this and hope it really aids in boosting the forum administration for you and the experience your posters get on the frontend.  For more information on the framework click here
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Looking for the ultimate gaming site? Look no further, November's PhpBB3's Style, Game Crusade, is 100% transparent at it's core and is just what your site is needing! This style comes packed with lots of great features! Choose between a fading or non-fading background. You can rotate up to six images in the site's background or completely disable this feature. Choose between a fixed or fluid background image as well. With amazing collapsible module block code positions and custom page and columns widths you will never run out of space for your content!

 For more information on the Game Crusade PhpBB3 style click here .

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phpbb3 styles club

Shape 5 is proud to announce the release of the Shape 5 PhpBB3 Styles Club! PhpBB3 is a free forum php based solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can empower your entire website. No other bulletin board software offers a greater complement of features, while maintaining efficiency and ease of use. Shape 5 now brings it's great asthetics that you have grown to love for Joomla products and has converted them to the phpBB3 platform.

What makes Shape 5 PhpBB3 styles the best? Simple, we offer some of the best designs styles available for this platform in conjunction with the S5 Controls Framework/Block Code! What if you need a forum and a website, but installing a separate forum and a CMS solution might be overkill? Well, the S5 Controls Framework, along with the S5 HTML Block Code bridges this gap by allowing you to enter your own custom html into positions similar to Joomla module positions.

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Our August Affiliate Contest has officially come to an end and it's time to announce our three lucky winners! It was a very tight competition but three emerged on top:

1st - bestofjoomla - www.bestofjoomla.com
2nd - webbyjoom - www.webbyplanet.com
3rd - surendranh - www.premium-joomlathemes.com

Thank you not just three affiliates but all who participated!

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Want to earn some easy cash? During the month of August we are running a contest for all Shape 5 Affiliates.  You will have a chance to earn one of three prizes depending on how many sales you generate through your site during the month of August.  The sites that produce the most affiliate sales will be rewarded cash prizes!

Free Vertex Template & Theme

Free Joomla Template
Are you new to Shape5 and the Vertex framework? Then download our totally free Vertex Joomla template or Wordpress theme to experience the power of the Vertex framework for yourself! This is the same framework that our club products are built off of.
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Integrated Bootstrap Styling
  • Easy To Upgrade Framework
  • Custom Module And Column Widths
  • SEO Optimized Layout
  • Right To Left Support
  • And Many Other Great Features!
Joomla Details:

Live Demo Learn More

Wordpress Details:

Live Demo Learn More

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