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We are celebrating the beta release of our Vertex 4 framework with great savings for our Shape5 customers! From now until July 22, 2015 receive 25% off of any new or renewing membership of any level!

Find out more about Vertex 4 here.

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We are very excited to announce the release of Vertex 4 Beta! This version is not meant for production sites, it is meant for customer testing only. We have spent hundreds of hours developing and debugging this new version, and the result is a faster framework, consolidated backend, and easier to use interface. If you would like to take part in this beta test, more information about the Vertex 4 patch is found at the bottom of this article, as well as where to report any feedback or issues you encounter. We appreciate your time and hope you enjoy this new version of Vertex!
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We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Vertex 3.7 for Joomla 3.X! This new version fixes several bugs, which are outlined in the changelog below. Please be sure to read through the major changes listed below. To upgrade your Vertex installation please be sure to download the patch from:


And please follow the upgrade patch tutorials from here:


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We are welcoming in the Spring and Easter Season with fantastic savings for our Shape5 customers! From now until April 22, 2015 receive 35% off of any new or renewing Developer Memberships, 25% off of all Best Value Memberships, and 15% off of all Basic and Extended Memberships.

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Since the release of Joomal 3.4 we have tested many of our products and have found only one compatibility issue with our S5 Spotlight News module. This module is now updated to work with 3.4. It was a small update to a function in the helper.php file. The module downloads and our site shapers that come pre-packaged with this module are all updated and ready for download.
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We will be offline for a few short hours in the morning on Friday 2/27/2015 to perform some server maintenance and upgrades. We do not expect these operations to take any longer than a few hours. Thank you for your patience while we make these necessary adjustments!
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vertex 4 coming soon!

Here at Shape5 we are hard at work getting Vertex 4 ready for release. The new version boasts a brand new admin interface that simplifies all the options and features we've added over the years. As Vertex grew so did the amount of switches and options in the admin area. We felt the admin had started to become overwhelming for the end user. We are happy to announce Vertex 4 changes that. Vertex 4 is designed to increase simplicity and ease of use while maintaining the plethora of options and flexibility Vertex has grown into. In this overview below we'll focus on the menu and layout page. These two areas are what bring the concise, ease of use that Vertex 4 is designed to be.
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As many of you know support for Joomla 2.5 was discontinued at the end of 2014 by the Joomla organization, and all focuses are now on Joomla 3 and beyond. It is time for us Shape5 to say goodbye to Joomla 2.5 as well. Both our January 2015 and February 2015 template releases will still have 2.5 compatible versions, but beginning in March 2015 we will be releasing Joomla 3 products only.

All of our templates built on the Vertex Framework are, and have been for quite some time, compatible with Joomla 3, along with many of our pre-Vertex products. You can review a list of all our products and their compatibility at the following url: Joomla Compatibility Page. Many of the earlier templates that were not built on the Vertex Framework have already been converted to work with Joomla 3, but the remaining ones will not be converted to Joomla 3 due to their age and outdated standards. Our current focus is on Vertex powered templates for easier updates, and maintaining web standards.

Any 2.5 products that we currently have on our site will remain available, and still be supported throughout all of 2015. We do highly encourage anyone setting up a new installation to use Joomla 3 and not Joomla 2.5 though. If you need assistance in upgrading your current Joomla 2.5 installation to Joomla 3, we recommend the tutorial found here. Keep in mind that in most cases the template and any non-default extensions will need to be updated to Joomla 3 compatible versions, due to the introduction of Bootstrap and Jquery in Joomla 3.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Shape5! From now until January 1, 2015 receive 35% off of any new or renewing Developer Memberships, and 25% off of all Basic and Best Value Memberships. Don’t let this sale pass you by! This is one of our largest sales ever, and sales like this don’t come around very often!

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We have recently updated our S5 Media Player plugin to a new 2.1.0 version. This new version fixes several css issues as well as add a default video image feature. This feature allows you to set your own custom image for each video before it is played, and then disappears when the play button is clicked.
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Free Vertex Template & Theme

Free Joomla Template
Are you new to Shape5 and the Vertex framework? Then download our totally free Vertex Joomla template or Wordpress theme to experience the power of the Vertex framework for yourself! This is the same framework that our club products are built off of.
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Integrated Bootstrap Styling
  • Easy To Upgrade Framework
  • Custom Module And Column Widths
  • SEO Optimized Layout
  • Right To Left Support
  • And Many Other Great Features!
Joomla Details:

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