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Auction Description fix/optimize S5 templates in Joomla 2.5 also rednering of Fonts on Mac browsers
This site is large adn has LOTS of articles. We need someone VERY familiar to go into the backend and configure the templates appropriately. We are having issues with spacing and and footer layouts that when change alter the entire website. Will pay per hour or per project. Here is a temporary website link http://racer.directrouter.com/~uigvtyaz/ we are ready to go NOW, so if you are a SME with this and have some time this could be a some quick cash. Disregard the 250 max bid number this is something that needs to get done so we can discuss cost above 250. Thanks, Robert
Auction Details
racer2013 08/07/2013
 View other Auctions 08/23/2013 00:00
Garden Grove, UNITED STATES 250.00 USD
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