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Auction Description Need help configuring a Joomla template
Hello, I purchased a Joomla template thinking it would be easier and faster to configure than it has been. I don't have much personal time to learn Joomla, and realize that I need someone with more expertise. I have already purchased a Joomla template (and the same template in Wordpress), and would like someone to configure it for me and add the initial content I've prepared. I'll likely have 4-5 menus leading to static webpages, and I'd like to have a page that allows individuals to email and submit documents (Word or text files - resumes). Please let me know if you'd like more detail to respond to this request. Thank you, Michelle Brown-Singh
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michellebr 09/30/2013
 View other Auctions 10/02/2013 00:00
500.00 USD
500.00 USD
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