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Auction Description Emusica Addition
Hello, I am looking for a coder to build me a module that will allow integration into the emusica template. I need the module to have a form that an artist can fill out and it populates there data into its own page. The Fields need to be (Artist Fills Out) Artist Name Bio Upload of Images Max (3) Upload of Mp3 Max (3) Links to music Video Max (3) to include Youtube or Vevo links. Additional input like Facebook, Twitter, Google + (Key Social Media) (Company Controls) Tour Dates and actual purchase links for itunes etc etc.. I would like the layout and design to be uniformed on all pages, So follow the Emusica Theme. Now once an artist uploads there data I need a check/approval process to be in place. Once the artist is approved there page can be seen by the public. Then I need to be able to search out the individual artist Thanks,
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gburton 04/22/2014
 View other Auctions 04/24/2014 00:00
250.00 USD
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