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: Problems creating a new Public-front user
: carterango March 07, 2010, 06:02:16 PM
I?m trying to create a public front user but it?s not working properly.

I?ve been able to create the USER with its username and password. But when I set the Web site OFFLINE in the Global Configuration to test this option and I try to enter the website as that new user I had created, it WILL NOT work, it does not launch me into the web but asks me again for the username and password... However, it never gives me a message that the username or password have failed.

Then, when I go back to the BACK front, I can see that the new user is LOGGED IN ?!?!?! It?s kind of weird...

All this weird things happend when I create a User under the Public Front-end group. Nevertheless, if I do create a user on the Public backend I have no problems at all with anything...

Anyone has any idea what is happening???

Thanks a lot for ur help!!