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: Frontpage Display2 Module and IE
: wsfsb April 14, 2011, 08:56:40 PM

Out of sheer frustration i am asking for some help with the Eworld2 template.  I have customised it but there are browser inconsistances with the fade effect and buttons in the Frontpage Display2  Module.  It looks fine in Firefox, but in IE7, IE8 and IE9 there are some funky things happening.

1. The load speed in IE8 is very slow.
2.  Images jitter in fading.
3.  Sometimes on hover and pressing the buttons no background image appears.

a.  I have it set to a 5 sec fade, still jitters with 9 secs
b.  Menu type is suckerfish, this seems to work better than Moo
c. Tooltips are off
d.  S5 Clr Fix on or off no difference

My question is why does this not look or work like the demo with IE?

See the site here:



: Re: Frontpage Display2 Module and IE
: jonahh April 15, 2011, 11:10:43 AM

I do see the problem, perhaps the module you have or download has older code in it, would you be able to PM ftp login details to your site?  I can make sure you code and the demo are the same.