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: Setting Suckerfish Menu
: mishelleh August 04, 2011, 01:23:39 PM
I am completely new to Joomla, php. I am still learning my way around in Joomla and still a bit confusing. I have installation of XAMPP with Joomla and have test site on my local machine that I installed this template on.  I am unsure how to actually set-up the suckerfish menu so it populates the menu items I want for the drop-downs.  I see the s5_suckerfish.css files in the intrigue template folder.  Where do I actually add the information for the menu item drop-down listings that I want to incorporate for a particular menu item?

: Re: Setting Suckerfish Menu
: mikek August 05, 2011, 07:18:40 AM

In the backend of Joomla there is a Menu option and under that Menu Manager. From there you can add menu items to the menu. Any subs will automatically show in the suckerfish menu.

: Re: Setting Suckerfish Menu
: mishelleh August 08, 2011, 08:50:01 AM
Thanks for your response. I thought that per instructions that is all I had to do, but I must be doing something wrong on the backend of Joomla for the dropdowns to appear.  I appartently have made it much harder than it had to be.

I had created a module menu called Top in the suckerfish position & it in I had list of all the menus I wanted assigned to it that would appear on the top navigation.  Then in the menu manger I have each of these menus listed with their individual menu items,the menu items being the ones that I want to appear in the dropdown.  In the module menu for Top that I created I have all of these other menu items checked as well.  I also made sure that it was set to show submenu items in the module menu Top as well.  I did notice though that in the menu manager that I have no modules linked to the individual menus, so I think that maybe that is part of the problem, or that I have created these menus incorrectly.

: Re: Setting Suckerfish Menu
: mishelleh August 11, 2011, 01:55:33 PM
On the 8th I spent some more time just reviewing Joomla basics, of which I have installed Joomla 1.7.  Then I went back and looked at what I was doing in the backend of Joomla & had my a-ha moment.  Totally got this figured out now, and understand what I was doing wrong. It was so much simplier than I was thinking.  Here's what I was doing & what I should have done.  Hope this makes sense to others & is helpful to someone else.

When I was playing around in Joomla after first installing it on my system I had gone into the Menu Manager & created a listing of menu items, one of which I called Top  (as it is the top navigation).  The other menus were the names of the links for the top nav menus that I wanted to display on my page ie. Home, About Us, etc.  I had also added within the menu manager my menu items which were to be used as submenus to my top navigation.

Where I was going wrong was within the details section of menu items. For the Menu Location field (which says, "Shows which menu a link will appear in.").  I was assigning it the About Us menu, because I was thinking that is where I wanted the submenu to display a link & that seemed to make sense, when I should have been putting in Top.  When I selected About Us to be in this menu location field, then I thought under Parent Item I would see the option to select the partiular menu item I was wanting to associate with this, which was incorrect thinking as a menu item shouldn't be a parent to itself anyway. 

So to get the suckfish menu to work correctly and show the dropdowns, in the Menu Location in my case I should have specified it as Top, then the Parent Item is the menu you wish the submenu item to appear under (which makes perfect sense to me now) and woolah, once I got that straight and corrected it everything worked perfectly.

: Re: Setting Suckerfish Menu
: truongly September 28, 2011, 04:04:49 AM
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