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: background images. "register" button open in external window.
: lioshaping December 06, 2012, 02:53:33 PM
Dear support, I would like to say that this template have been a great template to work with thus far however I still encounter some difficulties as I work on it. Kindly visit my website

1. When I scroll on "Courses", the sub-links do not displayed fully, how can I display the sub links fully?

2. When I click on the sub links, the pages does not display the background images. I have requested support however I received instructions that I need to set at every menu on every page, pardon my lack in understanding the explanation, if its possible I hope  for an "idiot-proof" step by step explanation as to how can I ensure the background images at the sub pages appear on the sub pages.

3. How can I set the button "Facebook" at the top right hand corner to open to an external window?

On my 3 enquiries, I appreciate your support to provide an "idiot-proof" explanation. Thanks.  ???

: Re: background images. "register" button open in external window.
: mikenicoll December 06, 2012, 07:16:52 PM
1) The sub menu items are supposed to load in a separate box that slides from the main menu items. I am not sure how you have it set up but adding a new menu item to be the "child" of another menu item from the drop down should create another box popout.

2) First try and Disable SEF URLS and URL rewriting in the Global Configuration for Joomla to see if this helps. If it doesn't then any of your articles that are published need to also be assigned to a menu item and category so they have a separate page to load on. You just don't publish the menu on the front end of the site so it just creates a new page link.

So Category > Category Blog Menu  > Article

3) This would require some custom coding but the element uses the code below:

<div id="s5_register" onclick="''">

You would need to modify it to include something like this:



: Re: background images. "register" button open in external window.
: lioshaping December 06, 2012, 09:50:47 PM
Hi Mike,

Appreciate your response on my issue on my website  I am not really sure how can I work on the solution you have provided me, but I will go into detail.

For my first problem (1), kindly checkout attachment problem01.jpg, my issue is the links are not able to display in full, example I had my page "Productivity, Innovation and Creativity", it is not displaying "Creativity". Check out problem01Main.jpg on how I have customized my main menu, kindly advise if I have made any mistake. Check out problem01Sub.jpg on how I have customized my submenu, kindly advise if I have made any mistake. I have not linked the sub menu to the main menu.

For my second problem (2), kindly check out attachment problem02.jpg. When you refer to SEF URLs, are you referring to the ones circled in green? If so, they have been set to "No"s long ago. When you mentioned I need to re-assign to a menu item, how should I go about it? Kindly advise.

For my third problem (3), as advised by one of the support staff Paul at this post,com_smf/Itemid,75/topic,2451.15/, I have provided the admin details to both of you, maybe you both can further advise me on all my enquiries pertaining to the template?

Kindly advise what else can I do to support the 3 issues pertaining to the template, really appreciate the help thus far. Thanks!

: Re: background images. "register" button open in external window.
: mikenicoll December 07, 2012, 03:20:07 PM

If you want to use a title that long you will need to decrease the font size to fit it within the container or decrease the character count.

suckerfish.css - line 36

#s5_navv ul li ul li a {
    font-family: 'Lucida Grande',helvetica,verdana,sans-serif,arial;
    font-size: 9px;
    font-weight: normal;


I fixed this on your Joomla Installation by using a full image path in the Template Manager referencing to the image.


This would require a custom coding modification. You will need to edit line 504 in the index.php which points to the link in the template manager.
<div id="s5_register" onclick="window.document.location.href='<?php echo $s5_registerlink;?>'">


I fixed it for you on the FTP you sent by changing the code to:

<div id="s5_register" onclick="'<?php echo $s5_registerlink;?>')">