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: S5 Image Slider
: acceler8 March 06, 2013, 11:01:24 PM

I need some help with my S5 Image Slider, .f you need to know the address please let me know an address I can email it too.

There are a few things.

1. I want the slider to be fully justified - ie centered however the only way to do this is to put it on "module Mode" as apposed to "image mode" However when on Module mode the images dont appear

2. I am unable to get the size of the images right, they are overlapping.

3. My ultimate goal is to get the images as pngs so they have a clear background and only white text, is having the images in png format the reason why I am unable to get the sizing right?

4. Does it make a different to what position I put it on as I am using some parts of Salon and Spa and putting it into Postion Above1

5. And finally I am unable to change the colour of my menu items to either navy or white - I have save it as white in the back end of Template Manager however it isn't appearing as changed.

Any advice is welcome as I am quite stuck.

Thank you Fiona

: Re: S5 Image Slider
: jonahh March 07, 2013, 01:54:50 PM

1.  This is because you need to publish things to the module positions when in module mode.  Here is tutorial on this:

2. Need to see live

3. No this is not the reason why

4. Shouldnt matter what position, just where ever you would like it

5. Please post in the forum of the template you are using for this one.

You can just click on my name and then click private message and you can send the website address there.  Thanks!