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: Image and Content Fader
: maestro2970 March 01, 2014, 05:50:00 PM
I have set up a test site with the site shaper on for this template and it looks like the demo site.
But on a site I am trying to set up similar to this the Image and Content Fader does not seem to be reading the HTML from the image settings tab.
It will show the title and the first line. Anything after that seems to be missing

Here is what is have in image text 1

This template comes with many great features such
as a full width image and content fader.

<a style="margin-right:15px;margin-left:15px;" class="large_readon_highlight2" href="index.php/extensions/s5-image-and-content-fader">Read More[/url]<a style="margin-left:15px;margin-right:15px;" href="index.php/features-mainmenu-47/template-specific-features" class="large_readon_border_white">Features[/url]
Straight from the demo

Here is the site that it is on

Please help. I cannot figure out what is going on.
Thank you

: Re: Image and Content Fader
: mikek March 03, 2014, 08:18:38 AM

It's adding the following class in the source, s5vertical. I believe that gets added when the image carousel is set to vertical instead of horizontal, can you disable the image carousel or set it back to horizontal? I believe that the extra css is causing the problem. This particular style isn't really stylized for either option.

: Re: Image and Content Fader
: maestro2970 March 03, 2014, 09:14:39 AM
OK. I have it set to vertical and disabled. I tried enabling and leaving vertical and disabling and neither changed the result. It is still not reading the html in the image and content fader.

Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

Also, I noticed that around the text is a dark textbox. I know I can affect the opacity of the textbox and text but why is the dark textbox appearing? Is there a way to have the text show but not the textbox? I have the opacity at 0 now. So i know it will get lighter is i put it at 50 or 70, but I still see the textbox.

Thank you

: Re: Image and Content Fader
: maestro2970 March 03, 2014, 12:07:48 PM
Ok. This did work. I think I may have not done something correct on my end with the horizontal and vertical.
This is resolved now. Thank you so much for your quick and helpful responses.

Thank you