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: Image slider selection
: adrianh May 13, 2014, 11:06:38 AM
Lime light works well for me - thanks.

I would like an image slider in position Middle_Top_1 on the Lime Light template configured for manual transitions (click arrows).

The template demo uses S5 Image Slide in position Custom_1 so the question is whether to use S5 Image Slide in Middle_Top_1? I note the restriction for IE8 and advice to put an alternative module in Custom_3; does that mean S5 Image Slide should only be used in  Custom_1? In any case, on my website S5 Image Slide's behaviour in either of these positions does not follow its module configuration (as above) in that (a) the arrows do not appear and (b) after some time the images start sliding automatically. If I turn on thumbnails (no arrows) only 2 out of 6 appear so it is impossible to navigate the other 4.

Next I tried the slider S5 Photo Showcase which I think is new. In Middle_Top_1 it works correctly except that the arrows and vertical bars each side of the selected image are displaced to the right of the image. It appears their horizontal position is controlled by html/inline styles generated by php, not by CSS, and I failed to find how to fix this.

Please advise which slider would be best and how to resolve the problems above.  Thanks.

I attach screen shots for the backend configuration in each case. All RHS parameters not shown are the defaults. I attach a screen shot of the S5 Photo Showcase rendering. The results are the same in Firefox 29.0.1 and Chrome 34.0.1847.131 m.   Flushing the browser cache makes no difference. Removing my changes in custom.css makes no difference. Vertex is: 2.5.0. Joomla! 2.5.20 Linux CentOS. PHP 5.2.17.

: Re: Image slider selection
: mikenicoll May 14, 2014, 03:55:51 PM

Could you PM me back end access so I can take a look? Have you tried the S5 Image and Content Fader (Responsive) for you image slides? It is under the Free Extensions directory and is extremely popular for things like this.