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: Joomla Club Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!
: mikenicoll July 27, 2014, 05:12:53 PM
  • Every Template and Extension has a specific board for support.
     --- Posts made in "general" that have to be moved by an admin will not be answered as quickly. Take the time to find the right board

  • Search before posting.
    --- Forum Admins/Moderators are also the developers that make the releases for the Clubs. Forcing us to search for you (or answer something that has been answered already) takes time that could be spent on programming new features or fixing bugs. There is a very high chance the the question you are asking has already been asked by another user as we have been around for a very long time!

  • Always (if possible) include a URL with a support request!
    --- It's much easier to understand a problem if it can be looked at live.

  • Never PM an Admin or Moderator without permission ("send me login/FTP info" does count as permission)
    --- PMs sent without links to qualifying threads requesting support will be asked to create a topic first. This ensures other users can benefit from the resolutions provided on the forums.

  • Be as detailed as possible 
    --- "It doesn't work" is not enough information.  The more detail you provide, the faster your question will be solved. Please include images when necessary if you feel it is difficult to communicate your issue in words.

  • All posts must be in English!
    --- If you have trouble, use Google Translate ( and we will do our best to understand your question.

  • Do Not post an unrelated problem in a thread started by someone else or bump extremely old threads. 
    --- Each topic is a specific problem, if you can't find one that covers the problem you're having, create a new one.