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: Connect Issue
: segunoloye January 05, 2016, 12:19:32 PM

on my site:, on the bottom 3 position I placed the Facebook connect like box there. I copied it from the Blogazine theme and pasted it there. Now I will like you to help me with two issues please:

1. How do I change the page link to mine?
2. How do I place a similar box for my other social media pages like Twitter and Google plus etc?

I will appreciate your usual kind solution.

Thank you.

: Re: Connect Issue
: Tristan Rineer January 06, 2016, 07:00:18 AM
To change the page that the Facebook like box is associated with, you should go into your Facebook page settings and generate your own like box code.  You may be able to change it by looking for the "shape5.templates" in the "src" tag of the iframe and changing it to your own page URL instead, but there is no guarantee that will work.

To add other social media boxes, you'll need to get the code that each of those other sites provides.

: Re: Connect Issue
: segunoloye January 06, 2016, 07:33:28 AM
Why did you say it might not work please?

What will I look for on facebook to get it please.

: Re: Connect Issue
: Tristan Rineer January 07, 2016, 10:22:59 AM
I wasn't sure if changing the URL directly would work, so that's what I said.

A quick search on Google for "Facebook like box" found this: