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: RSS Nit...
: p15d24 February 17, 2016, 04:27:19 PM
Just wondering if their is a solution. I have RSS blog category page and when I click on RSS Feed I get the pop up "Add to shared links .... with Cancel/Add buttons. If I click "Add" the dialog window closes, the subscription starts and I stay on the same page.

I used that page's RSS link ( to add to the template RSS link field. 

However when I click on the RSS template icon in the page header I get the enrollment pop up but a blank "Untitled" window opens underneath in a new tab.  Click "Add" in the pop up dialog, subscription starts but I'm left in the Untitled tab.  Any way to suppress the Untitled window and leave the user on his original page?

: Re: RSS Nit...
: mikek February 18, 2016, 08:39:12 AM

I'm sorry I am not sure what controls these functions. The template itself though would have no control over it. You could check on's forum boards to see if there's a way to alter it, but I am not sure that there is.