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: template fade in effect
: dcaldessa May 04, 2016, 02:06:08 PM
Is there away to stop the fade in effect of the template when changing pages I just want the page to load quickly
instead of fading in the content ?

also is there a way I can put a link to a menu item next to the log out button that would be like for My account so that my users can edit their profile?


: Re: template fade in effect
: mikek May 05, 2016, 07:19:03 AM

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do that. The issue is a timing issue. The body of the site has to align with the bottom text in the image and content fader, or if there is no text there determine that it's empty. Once that text is loaded javascript aligns the body so there is always an even gap under it. Without this effect the entire body would be at the top of the page for a good second or two and then snap into place, it just wouldn't look good. The fade in effect gives it time to position before showing the body.

Adding a link next to the logout area would require custom programing. You can create a link on the main menu though for this. In the menu editor of Joomla there are several menu items under the User type that will allow for this. Just set the menu item so that only registered users can see it.