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: video in custom 2 S5 Tabshow - Tab#1
: lakisiason March 30, 2017, 11:57:54 PM
the below code (custom 2  S5 Tabshow - Tab#1) does not play the video.
Also, the video does not played  in demo.
Can you tell me what makes the problem?

<span class="s5relaxingatmos">
<span class="highlightfont">Θεραπεία </span>

<span class="s5uppercase">Ανθοϊάματα</span>

<a rel="width:800,height:447" class="s5mb s5circlebutton" href="" id="youtube" title="relax"><span class="ion-android-arrow-dropright"></span>[/url]
<span class="s5spapreview s5uppercase">βίντεο</span>

: Re: video in custom 2 S5 Tabshow - Tab#1
: Tristan Rineer March 31, 2017, 02:53:13 PM
It looks like you're using the wrong URL format.  To embed a YouTube video, you need to use the format for the URL instead of what you have above.


I've just been informed that yes, it is the URL format that is the problem, but it is no longer /v/, it is instead /embed/.

Details on how to do the embed correctly can be found here (Just scroll down to the "YouTube" section):