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: Arthur theme is not correctly installed with the siteshaper
: meersman March 07, 2018, 04:12:45 PM

I have installed the theme correctly, withing any error on 2 subdirectories.

With the exception, I could not indicate "install demo content for shape5", since it was not there. (see video: Shape 5 Wordpress Theme Club - Site Shaper Installation Tutorial)

After login the database is automatically updated with the content

What am I doing wrong?



: Re: Arthur theme is not correctly installed with the siteshaper
: Tristan Rineer March 08, 2018, 10:03:40 AM
If content is missing, it's most likely that the file that installs the demo content got corrupted when you uploaded it.  The easiest way to fix it is to delete the "Sample Data Injector" plugin, then re-install it by extracting the "/wp-content/plugins/shaper_{theme_name}.php" file from the shaper, putting it into a .zip file, and using the WP plugin installer to re-install it from that new file.  Once the plugin is re-installed, activate it once to reset the site to a default shaper install; when you activate it, you'll need to make sure you wait for the page to completely finish loading before you navigate away so you don't interrupt the database dump, which would prevent the sample data from being added and cause the same problem again.

For future reference: When uploading the shaper for a new site, make sure you have your FTP client set to use "Binary Mode" for transfers; any other option can cause file corruption for PHP files, which is usually what prevents the sample data from being installed correctly.

[Note: I am moving this topic to the correct board; please remember in the future to post theme/plugin specific questions to the board created specifically for the theme/plugin you are asking about.]