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: Images Not Displaying
: danab June 27, 2018, 12:29:06 PM
Hi Mike,

By now you know the website and the login details.

on our partners page there was before images that was inserted with the name displayed at the bottom. However, now it is not displaying. I have double checked that all links are not localhost and is directed to the correct directory (as i would be assuming).

Please see notepad file attached with all the code

Daniel Booysen

: Re: Images Not Displaying
: mikek July 02, 2018, 07:15:18 AM

You have modified the code for these. Please don't change any code, you should only be changing text and images only. For example you have added in a closing div here:

<div class="s5_is_css_wrap_7"></div>

When the original code is simply:

<div class="s5_is_css_wrap_7">

You have also completely removed this div:

<div class="s5_is_css_hidden">

And I am sure there are other changes, those are just examples. I am attaching a document of the code showing your code vs. the original code.

Please put the code back to the original code and only change images and text and nothing else: