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: Jomtube conflict with Sportopolis
: cmills September 14, 2009, 01:00:09 PM

I have just installed the Sportopolis template on my live server, I wish to use the Jomtube component which I have successfully installed but there seems to be some kind of overlay conflict with the template.

The standard video layout works but when I click the login module it disappears behind the video display, which leads me to believe there's some kind of conflict going on with the template.


#s5_login_wrap {

into the template css.css

My main concern is when I actually click a video to view it, for some reason the whole of the templates main body image turns black.

You can view this here (

The videos are no longer viewable because Ive just switched on the SEF URL'S and the links need updating, but this conflict was occuring before I did this.

Please advise me on what the possible conflict is and how to resolve.

Kind Regards
C Mills

: Re: Jomtube conflict with Sportopolis
: mikek September 14, 2009, 06:09:15 PM
Hello, if the body is turning black when you click play then something in that component is altering the site and not a setting of the template. You would need to contact the developer of this component to resolve this issue as it should not be altering the template in any way.