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: Element Locations
: johnswaney November 03, 2009, 11:42:10 AM

New to Shape5 and to Joomla! Please pass along any patience you have :) In using the Touch of Soul template, I have found that I like its design and function very much. However, I can't make heads or tails about where the elements are that I might want to change.

For example: The copyright (c) 2009. Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Designed by Shape5 at the bottom (footer). Where do I find that to take off the Designed by Shape5? My footer menu won't show because everything is too long.

I obviously want to change the "Touch of Soul" / "October 2009 Template" words on the top banner, but where do I find that?

Is there a key available to tell me what is what, or should I know these terms already?

Thanks for the great design and in advance for the help!

: Re: Element Locations
: mikek November 03, 2009, 12:24:01 PM

The footer text is found in the footer.php file in the template's root folder. You'll see the text towards the bottom of the file.

For the logo you need to use the psd file from the downloads area and create your own logo. Once you have it created save it as s5_logo.png and upload it to templates/touchofsoul/images/ and make sure to over-write the current one.