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: S5 Accordion Menu and Template update
: vdias December 16, 2009, 05:04:01 AM

I'm trying to configure S5 accordion module to work in YourStore and when using -style1 for the left menu module the text falls on top the the arrow.

Can you please take a look at (bottom left there is a test module for you to see this situation) and give me some idea on where I can place a margin for this to work? And If I want to change text size and "bold" where should I make changes?

I would also like to understand the template update that you mention "On 3/25/09  the index.php and s5_no_moo_menu.js file have been updated to work with IE8.". Should I simply upload and and overight these 2 files and leave all the rest equal?

best regards anf thanks a lot for your assistance.

: Re: S5 Accordion Menu and Template update
: jonahh December 17, 2009, 01:41:57 PM
As for the accordion menu problem I took a look and it appears you have resolved the issue, let me know if you still need help.

Yes correct as long as you made not changes to your index.php or s5 no moo menu js files then you can overwrite your current ones and this will get your site IE8 compatible.