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Offline jbruster
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Posted on: December 19, 2012, 01:50:45 PM

First off thank you for you help.  You guys have designed an awesome template that I use for my church.  I have been working with joomla now for the past four years and still consider myself pretty new.  I did edit my htaccess.tct to .htaccess.  In joomla redirect com component area.  I have over 2000 Expired URL

Here is an example of a few errors I am getting.

2012-09-05-02-00-10/modules/mod_s5_box/images/internet_explorer/borderTopLeft.png          2012-12-15       5    2318
    2012-09-05-02-00-10/modules/mod_s5_box/images/internet_explorer/borderTopCenter.png          2012-12-15       5    2319
    2012-09-05-02-00-10/modules/mod_s5_box/images/internet_explorer/borderTopRight.png          2012-12-15       5    2320
    2012-09-05-02-00-10/modules/mod_s5_box/images/internet_explorer/borderMiddleLeft.png          2012-12-15       5    2321
    2012-09-05-02-00-10/modules/mod_s5_box/images/internet_explorer/borderMiddleRight.png          2012-12-15       5    2322
    2012-09-05-02-00-10/modules/mod_s5_box/images/internet_explorer/borderBottomLeft.png          2012-12-15       5    2323
    2012-09-05-02-00-10/modules/mod_s5_box/images/internet_explorer/borderBottomCenter.png          2012-12-15       5    2324

It just seems like I am getting a lot of these and didnt know if there was something I could to do cut down on these problems?

Thanks for you time


Offline mikenicoll
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Posted on: December 20, 2012, 04:36:35 PM


It looks like those images are missing from the server for some reason. Just download a fresh S5 Box and upload the images/internet_explorer/ folder. The error is just saying that the images are missing from that folder.


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