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Offline Tristan Rineer
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This bug only seems to appear on the pre-responsive version of the framework; there are two options available for upgrading the admin or framework to improve compatibility with the latest versions of WP.

The first/easy option - upgrade the admin only:
    1. Download the Vertex Upgrade Patch, but don't install it normally.
    2. Instead of doing the full patch, delete the the "vertex/admin/" folder of the theme and replace it with the version from the patch.
    3. Do the same with the "vertex/parameters.php" file.
    4. Done.  That will bring the admin portion of the theme current; the theme will be fully functional, no more updates needed.
           (NOTE: This method keeps the theme on the old "mootools" javascript library; you will need to be sure you never update the Image and Content Fader plugin, or it will break. (More info available here.))

The second option - full patch:

    1. As above, download the Vertex Upgrade Patch.
    2. Do the full patch (Delete the /vertex/admin and /vertex/includes folders from the theme, then upload all patch files into the theme directory through FTP).
    3. Download the latest versions of all S5 plugins you want to use - the shaper versions are not compatible with the latest patch version.
    4. Verify the settings of all the widgets associated with the updated plugins, be sure to re-save those widgets.

The second option is a more long-term solution, and will add some new features that weren't available when the theme was originally released, but it will take longer, and there may be some errors that appear until you save the theme options (when you first patch, you may have to hit "save" a second time before the theme options begin displaying properly).

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