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Offline chrstna
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Hi, I have a few questions:

1. Please refer to attachment Question 1

I have disabled a fluid layout and it is not responsive as I want the website to be viewed exactly the same as when viewed on a computer. However, it is not centered in the screen. When you scroll down though, it readjusts so that it fits in the screen properly (please view Question 1-2.png). How can I fix it so that the website is viewed exactly as it is seen on a computer screen?

2. Please refer to attachment Question 2

Although I have disabled a responsive layout, the font resizes so that the box that it is contained in becomes bigger. It should be exactly the same size as the image next to it. I think this question can be fixed if Question 1 is addressed. Also, the background image is cut off and does not fill the screen. It has been allocated to the position bottom row 2-1, and out of all the other backgrounds this is the only one that displays it this way.

3. Please refer to attachment Question 3

I have checked and re-checked the code (it is custom html) for the ha 2 and ha 3 tabs, but there is a disparity between the font sizes. I would actually like the font to be the same size as when viewed on the computer (please view attachment Question 3-2.png) The text under "Bootcamp" appears to be doing this, but all the other tabs have automatically increased the size of the fonts. How could I fix it so that the text does not enlarge automatically?

Thank you for your time.


Offline mikenicoll
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Could you PM me back end Super User access and the Live Site URL so I can take a closer look to replicate the images. There may be some elements that won't look exactly like desktop on mobile devices due to the width constraints of the device. This is why responsive exists to scale everything down for certain elements.


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