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Offline thaimacky
Free Member
Posts: 34
Posted on: August 20, 2015, 04:04:55 AM


i just realised that this theme is jumping a few pixels (maybe 20px) up or down on about every 2nd scroll on mobile phones. i saw that on my own test-site first, and it also happens on your incline demo itself.

i tested it on a samsung s6 with the browser that comes with the phone and also google chrome + on an iphone 6 with the safari browser. this happens with all the 3 tested browsers... it's quite annoying. do you have a fix for that?


edit (to maybe be more clear):
i scroll with my finger (either up or down) and "let it go". the site stops at some point and then after it already stopped it immediately jumps approx. 20px further up or down. this happens at least on every 2nd scroll in all the tested browsers on android and iphone (with my own test-site and with your original demo as well)...

i just saw the same issue with another wordpress theme that is not from shape5. i thought it might be the lazy load feature but it's not... Sad
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Offline Tristan Rineer
Free Member
Posts: 3858
Posted on: August 21, 2015, 09:40:07 AM

I forwarded this thread to the designers, and here's the response I got:

I?m not actually sure what the answer is here, it?s a browser issue. The browser is actually resizing when you scroll down the page. I?ve tested a few other browsers on my phone and they?re fine, but Chrome definitely shows this. In Dolphin Browser or the default browser on an S5 it doesn?t do this.

I put an alert in on resize for testing and it actually triggers a resize when you scroll down on Chrome, I have no idea why. There must be something in the browser itself that actually changes sizes when you scroll like the scrollbar or the url bar, either way something is resizing and it?s not the template.

The size of the top background/video and the position of the custom_1 area is all determined on page load and resize, so it can correctly position itself based on the size of the screen and the amount of content in those area (so it?s always centered). So when the onresize call triggers it repositions these items.

If it really bothers him he can remove this in index.php:

It just won?t re-position anymore if someone changes their browser screen size (which pretty much no one does)

Offline thaimacky
Free Member
Posts: 34
Posted on: August 21, 2015, 02:34:14 PM

...yes - that's much better!

to be honest i don't even see what your designer was talking about:

It just won't re-position anymore if someone changes their browser screen size (which pretty much no one does)

...but one thing i can def. see: the website does not jump anymore.

thks a lot!
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