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Offline hollynwood
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Hello, I'm wondering if there are some docs I'm missing because it sure would be helpful.

First, how do we put in the links for the social icons at the bottom?

Next where is that blue "register" or "Logout" button coming from at the very top right?

And how about making the newsletter signup work?

And why can't I get the "myaccount" and "myprofile" links to not appear on certain pages?  When I set it in the back end it ignores me unless I turn the whole thing off on all pages.

How do I get that nice big search feature in the middle of the big slider?

Some docs would be great.

Offline mikenicoll
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1) You can add the links for the social icons under "Theme Specific" in the Template Manager.

2) This is generated from the Template Manager > General Tab. As long as you have input text in the boxes it will appear on the front end. If no text is present that area goes away.

3) This is just a positional suggestion for an area you could use a Newsletter. You would need an actual extension published to the position to provide the functionality.

4) You probably have to adjust the settings under the top level item. This is generally the Menu Item settings followed by the Article Settings followed by the Global Settings.

5) That is part of the JooManager component downloaded separately off of our site.


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