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Offline mtish
Free Member
Posts: 26

after installing and activating the s5 image slide plugin (running in the university theme), when I go the widgets page ALL the modules on the right side of the page are gone?  And as soon as I deactivate the plugin, they all return to normal.

Is this a theme issue to be resolved, or a plugin issue which might require me to use a different rotating image plugin?

Thanks for your assistance with this,

Offline Tristan Rineer
Free Member
Posts: 3858

I can't know what is causing the problem without seeing what's happening and looking at the code, but if it only happens when you activate the plugin, then it's most likely something in the plugin that is causing the issue.  I would recommend using one of the other slideshow plugins from the downloads area and seeing if there's one that works better.

If you would like to PM me login and FTP information, I can take a look and see if it's an issue with only the plugin or a combination of both the plugin and theme together; either way, I'll have a better chance of figuring out a solution.

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