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Offline netstepinc
Free Member
Posts: 19

I've been using Joomla since 2008, and am finally starting to use Wordpress.

I loaded the Forte template to start learning how to use Shape5 themes with Wordpress.

I notice the left side menu getting cluttered already after just loading a few plugins and a theme.
I provide sites for people who are not tech savvy so reducing options and menu clutter is generally helpful to keep customers from being confused and feeling overwhelmed.

The shape5 theme loaded "Shape 5 Theme" to the root admin menu.

How to move Admin > Sidebar > Shape 5 Theme link to Appearance menu

I found: wp-content/themes/s5_forte/vertex/theme-admin.php
$theme_admin_page = add_menu_page("Theme Options","Shape 5 Theme",'edit_themes','s5-theme-options','mytheme_admin',get_template_directory_uri().'/vertex/admin/img/s5_logo.png',40);

Do I need to hack this to load this as an Appearance submenu item?
If so...what is the appropriate method?

Offline Tristan Rineer
Free Member
Posts: 3858

If you replace that code with the following code, you should get the result you are looking for:

  $theme_admin_page = add_theme_page("Theme Options","Shape 5 Theme",'edit_themes','s5-theme-options','mytheme_admin');

You may also want to consider just using a plugin like "Admin Menu Editor", which allows you to rearrange/hide/create menu items for the admin menu.  I've used it for client sites in the past, and it was a great way to add "E-mail" and "Analytics" menu items that linked to external sites.

[Note: I am moving this topic to the board for the theme you are using; please remember in the future to post theme/plugin specific questions to the board created specifically for the theme/plugin you are asking about.]
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Offline netstepinc
Free Member
Posts: 19

Thank you. That's perfect.
I found that menu editor after posting this, but it's nice to know what makes it tick too.

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