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Offline oliviergut
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I habe problems with my homepage using the charity club template. I get errors calles "parse error" in the easy-profile extension, when uploading images. The support of that extension invstigated on my page and found strange code, that apparently cased the problem.

their feedback:
"there is some plugin that write some code before HTML output, see screenshot. This cause problems in JSON/AJAX requests
In screenshot you can see a strange code before page HTML, this code is present in all your pages before DOCTYPE declaration."

Please find the screenshot attached.
It seems that it concerns the embedded font types in the template charity club?
Can you help me there?


Offline mikek
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You have another extension installed that is calling, it is not coming from the template. We have font awesome included with the template, which can be disabled under the General tab in the template configuration. However, that function calls from the template, your extension is calling font awesome from, which is not called anywhere in the template.

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