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Offline elliottben
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We are using the s5box for our login box. This seems to be a recent issue as previously the s5 modal was working fine.

The expected behavior is that when a user clicks the link to open the modal it will appear in the middle of the window. What happens now (only on pages taller than the browser window) is when a user clicks the link to open the modal it jumps to the top of the page and then opens the modal in the middle of the page (based on the height of the full page, not just visible part of the page). This results in a modal located outside of the user's view and they have to scroll down the page to find the login box. You can see this behavior at:

Click the link at the bottom right "Teacher Login" (screen shot attached)

This previously didn't happen, the modal would appear centered in the visible area of the current browser page. Is there something we might have changed that is causing this behavior and how can we fix it?


Offline jonahh
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Please add the following to your custom.css file and this should fix the issue:

body #colorbox {
position:fixed !important;
top:150px !important;}

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