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Offline marleyman
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Posted on: November 06, 2017, 08:00:25 AM

Hi, I've had a longtime Developer's License with Shape5 and I use these templates exclusively for my Joomla Website Clients. I want to share some suggestions from my client's point of view. These are not criticisms  - I just wanted to share these things with you, so that you're aware of the issues we developers tackle when designing sites for our clients using Shape5 Templates. I hope that others share there views on this thread too. Thanks for listening.

1. Logo: The Shape5 Templates are consistently built with very little room for my client's logos. I fully understand responsiveness and mobile friendly designing, but clients need to display their "Brand" (logo) in a size that people can see it well. I'm not suggesting a HUGE logo on a site, but there isn't adequate room for logos in my opinion, and my client's always complain about this to me.

2. Menu: The Shape5 Templates seem to be developed more and more with very little available room for main menu links - usually the main menu links are around 4 - This just isn't feasible for most clients' websites. Again, I do get responsiveness & mobile friendly designing, but 4 main menu links just isn't usually sufficient.

3. Custom Code: The Shape5 Templates seem to be built - especially in the last year - with a lot more required custom code. It's one thing for us developers to work with this custom code, but when we pass our newly designed website off to our clients, how can they feasibly manage their site with so much custom code? They can't, and that makes it very hard for me to use a Shape5 Template for a client who wants to manage their completed site themselves.

4. Vertex System: After using the Vertex System in the Shape5 Templates for so many years, it's s bit frustrating that simple things like changing the site's font size and color can't be done via Vertex - I have to change it manually via FTP and with a custom.css file. Also I would love to see the Vertex System get updated via the Vertex System or Joomla click to upgrade system, instead of manually.

5. Club Joomla Extensions: I know you just came out with the typed text module - and that's great. But I would love to see more Club Joomla Extension development happening, like something really useful like a Photo Gallery Extensions with really useful features for my clients - something easy to use and versatile. It seems like there hasn't been a lot of work going on with Club Joomla Extensions, and it would be a huge benefit to us developers to get some new and useful extensions as part of our Developer License.

Thanks for listening to my feedback - again these are not complaints. I love Shape5 Templates and the Support that I've always gotten from you guys. I don't want to buy my Templates from another company. I've developed a lot of great websites using Shape5 Templates. I just felt that I needed to share these few things with you, because they come up time after time with my client's website projects.


Offline Gutshot
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Posted on: November 06, 2017, 02:22:51 PM


I like to add some comments to the suggestions if I may.

1. I agree, more space would be nice. Last logo I had to remake for the website because the original did not fit.

2. No comment

3. This code is in my eyes not to customise for clients, they are part of the look. Think there is no way to get around it if you want some nice looking items. I like to see more of  it what also can be used in other templates. One important one for me is to the align left and align right so you don't need 2 modules in one row. Something like this:
<div class="text_left" >
      <div class="text_right" >

4. Agree, but no need to go through FTP.  Opening the template files in the backend will also give acces to the files. Only thing you have to do is clear browser cache. Updating through the backend can be tricky, it needs a option to roll back to before thee update. Using FTP is safer for now because you can backup the files/folder. It is faster to replace the files that you have in a backup then restore the whole site using Akeeba.

5. Agree, some new stuff would be nice, the older extensions I hardly use. For sliders I often use Smartslider 3 Lots of options. 

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